Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine has a vital mission: to preserve and promote the history of women in medicine and the medical sciences.

Today, we take a step forward in our history as an organization. We are now the Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation.

Board member Carolyn Britton summed up the importance of legacy with great eloquence: “Connecting the past to the present is an essential element to achieve a creative future. The continuity and connection of experiences and strengths of those before helps to define today.”

We believe that our history shapes our future. We must perpetuate the legacy of pioneering women in medicine to propel the women who forge ahead today and in the future. These stories created through tireless determination, extraordinary passion and unmatched fortitude will only to continue to inspire future legacies.

To meet our mission, we fund initiatives that fit within our core project areas: oral histories, research fellowships, student scholarships and processing grants. We also recognize an outstanding woman every year with our Alma Dea Morani Renaissance Woman Award. This year’s honoree was Paula Johnson, MD, MPH, president of Wellesley College and a preeminent advocate of sex-specific medical research.

The Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation is a destination for women who will draw strength, perseverance and leadership from their connection to the trailblazers who made their careers possible.

It’s a transformative journey. Come soar with us, from a rich and storied past to a diverse and dynamic future.


Julia A. Haller, MD
President, Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation