The StandOut Campaign

We know that despite improved participation in the medical field, women are still left under-recognized and under-awarded, exemplified by the fact that “in the past 20 years, the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, & medicine was awarded to 145 men, and just 6 women."

We strive to fix that by helping women stand out.

The #StandOutWIM campaign features women in medicine across disciplines and career paths, exemplifying a commitment to excellence, leadership, and mentorship. We connect past, present, and future noting pioneers and future leaders alike.

Knowing that “38% of faculty members at medical schools are women and that number drops significantly in more prominent leadership roles—21% of full professors are women and 16% of deans are women,” it’s never too early to start leading – and standing out.

Changing the headlines starts with you. Consider donating $25 to recognize a StandOut woman in medicine that you know. Once you do, they will be notified of your support and their name will be added to the list below.

We will focus our outreach in March 2018 in celebration of Women’s History Month. Your support will not only give one woman the recognition they deserve, it will help us to continue to share the stories of women in medicine at large to build an informed, continuous and empowering future.

Recognize a #StandOutWIM

2018 StandOut Women in Medicine

  • Mary-Claire King PhD
  • Catherine DeAngelis MD
  • Carola Eisenberg MD
  • Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MPH MD
  • Erika Steels
  • June Greenspan Margolies MD
  • Paula Johnson MD
  • N. Lynn Eckhert MD, MPH, DrPH
  • Florence P. Haseltine Ph.D., M.D.
  • Carol C. Nadelson M.D.
  • ​Mary Guinan Ph.D., M.D.
  • Rita Charon M.D., Ph.D.
  • Deborah German M.D. ​
  • Ellen R. Gritz Ph.D.
  • ​Audrey E. Evans M.D.
  • Carola B. Eisenberg M.D.
  • ​Barbara Barlow M.D., FACS